13 March 2015

Love Conquers All

As we have been super busy growing bigger and better,  life has been pretty hectic and very feather fabulous.  Thank you for all the support through some epic projects from Worldwide clients.

This is a little one of my favourites, that has to be one of the best stories.  A real life true romance of gigantic proportions that I had the honour of having a very small part of xx  (Because love conquers all, no matter how long it takes  x)

Read their full story here x

01 July 2014

Creativity reigns above all & we are going for it now!!

So lot's has been happening with some great changes going on at our gypsy caravan full of feathers & leather.  Thank you to all our wonderful customers who have kept with me through these changes.  We now have a new headquarters and more staff to help getting orders out Worldwide so we are now getting ready to launch our latest new collection and a few more products to boot.

In the meantime, if you know of any stockists in your country & your area that would love to stock Paradise Gypsies, do drop us an email info@paradise-gypsies.com and help us spread the love of feathers even further!

05 March 2014

Moving on with Smiles x

Thank you to all my followers and supporters who offer likes and emails everyday to my little bubble of leather and feathers.  A tough few months losing my greatest inspiration but with sunshine and love from around the World, I'm getting on with creating madness slowly but surely with a whole lotta feathers and love x

My little side kick and I are moving on as 'through the eyes of a child, this World is truly devine'....may her sunflowers always blossom in your sunshine from now on my little 'Gypsy' girl x 


21 December 2013

Tribal Goddess Collection

From beneath my tattoo & tears, these are for you x


18 November 2013

Sticks and Stones Kids Collection

Some of my all time favourite images have landed from UK, heralding our new 'Sticks & Stones' Collection of feather headdress for kids....inspired by kids imagination and play, this collection is as if the kids have found all the pieces themselves and put together their headdress as part of their adventures.  Ranging from full tribe leader to adventure princess, these new pieces I hope serve as a starting point for many exotic journeys of the mind.

Photography Collaboration with Steve Law Photography.

04 November 2013

Getting ready for the Party Season!

After a fabulous Halloween, sending out headdress Worldwide for many customers to enjoy...we are now taking orders for Christmas & New Year Parties! Please get any custom orders in now! We also are now creating custom beadwork so you can add a name or a word to the front of your headdress too!

02 October 2013

Collaboration Skulls....Skullamor Style!

We have recently had the pleasure of collaborating on a special project to do with skulls...Skullamor in Port Douglas, Australia gave me the challenge of creating some fun headdress to go with her collection of beautiful bright crazy skulls she creates for her boutique and online store...take a look..... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Skullamour/189630581183125

16 September 2013

Punk with Passion

Getting in the mood for Halloween early as I'm creating some stunning pieces as custom orders so I guess the influence is rubbing off!!  My latest Paradise Gypsies shoot enabled me to quickly capture some of these designs properly on film?? (well digital !) before they whisk off to their destinations to awaiting customers.  I decided 'Punk with Passion' as the title for this collection...!
Thank you to my fashion fabulous team, model Daria Fidel & make-up artist Clari of StellarDust.


24 August 2013

Peace, Love & Rock 'n' Roll

Everyday I find inspiration & excitement in my work but seeing the result of my latest photoshoot yesterday, really has gotten me jumping up and down with joy.  Viewing my images, the words  'f##king cool' were top of the list.  I f##king love them as I love the girl who was the inspiration, designer and model Chrystel Malaika.  Creator of stunning leather jackets, bags & clothing, she is to me a Rock Star!  Cruising the streets with her cool vibe on her motorbike, she is seen most days with her true style of leather, tattoos, sunglasses and motorbike boots always sporting her collections.  She was too good of an inspiration to pass up and yesterday was the day for a great little collaboration!  Collection I have named 'Peace, Love & Rock 'n' Roll' mixes both our styles, showcasing both our latest creations.  Paradise Gypsies has taken a twist to the Rock & Roll in this collection ..... Who knows where we will go next!!! ; ) See more photos from this lookbook on our website www.paradise-gypsies.com  See Chrystel's designs at Misskarama

22 August 2013

Fun Times!!

Its been a super busy time this past month, with a great number of customer orders ready for Burning Man - some I believe our best & most innovative creations yet.....I wish all our clients a great time at the event!!

Thank you for all the 'likes' & followers on all our social media platforms!  Every one is appreciated & spurs on our creativity.

Some great collaborations have been going on too...USA side, Ohio based photoshoot with 'Beyond The Wanderlust' blog.... Take a look at our 'Full Rainbow Feather Headdress on Dark Gold Metallic Leather with Borneo Beading' blossoms in their photograph collection here.

02 August 2013

White on....White!

Inspired by a recent shoot by one of my followers where she painted herself completely with white paint, I took on the idea of whiteness for an impromptu photoshoot displaying my white leather, white feather cowrie shell medium length headdress with my new gorgeous shell and white feather necklace.  Playing again with my editing, but I've enjoyed creating these images....



19 July 2013

Mohawks & Punk

I have been working on creating some seriously gorgeous headdress in a Mohawk style with a punk/steampunk twist and have now had chance to photograph a couple.... These are now available in my online store & Etsy store! www.paradise-gypsies.com   www.etsy.com/shop/Paradise Gypsies

08 July 2013

Happiness ShinesThrough...

There is certainly something magical about a headdress that rings true with anyone trying one on, from kids to adults.  Something is wonderful that even through the Internet where you don't really see your customers, the love has a way of shining through, sent in photographs, words & with great smiles & good times shared....many customers attending EDC and alike, I get to see the good times role and very much appreciate all the kind words and photos sent back x keep enjoying!

12 June 2013

No Feather Feather Headdress!!

Today is a great day being able to show off our new designs 'the NEXT GENERATION OF FEATHER HEADDRESS - NO FEATHER FEATHER HEADDRESS!!!'.  Exclusive by Paradise Gypsies, copyrighted design, now available on our online store www.paradise-gypsies.com

This stunning photoshoot has been created by Dade Freeman with his team at Krysalis Photography.  A fantastic way to launch our next generation of ideas!!  Thank you!!