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Halloween Happenings


This time of year for our workshop is super busy with feathers flying into all sorts of custom order Mohawks and headdress from all black to black with mixes of purple. dark turquoise, green, red and more, all to create the perfect Halloween costumes!!  We have been sending out to New York, London, Paris & LA nearly everyday and cannot wait to see the final results at Halloween time with full costumes and make-up to boot!




With the biggest festival event of the year Burning Man 2016 just beginning, we enjoy some of our favourite outfits from previous years, waiting in anticipation for the great & inspired outfits our clients are creating for this season.  Have an epic & wonderful time to all our Paradise Gypsies customers!!!

(Photos: pinterest)


Peacock Treaures


With the launch of our new Paradise Gypsies Peacock Feather 'Rocker Mohawk' featuring a huge array of stunning Peacock Feathers, we are celebrating Peacock feathers in Art with a look at how they have influenced & inspired a few designers, artists & textile designer around the World from present day back to 1920's!!

Peacock Feather Rocker Mohawk Love Festival Rave Headdress Headpiece Paradise Gypsies

Peacock Feather Rocker Mohawk Love Festival Rave Headdress Headpiece Paradise Gypsies

(Credits: Vintage Vogue Painting Etsy Shop-King Papers, Matthew Williamson & The Rug Company,Peacock Woodblock Print - Etsy Cloudship, 2 x watercolours Etsy-MaiAutumn by Christine Linstrom,  Bornean Peacock Wallpaper - zedge.net, Peacock Lino Print by ManglePrints, Peacock Fabric Etsy - LucyInTheSkyQuilts)


Customer Photos Of The Week - Delaney


Paradise Gypsies have THE BEST customers and we love receiving our customer photos!  We are inspired by their outfits, make up & seeing our customers in their real life environments; seeing their fabulous personalities just makes us so happy.  The photos we received from our customer Delaney are just simply beautiful & just goes to show why we work so hard, putting out hearts and soul in each headdress, so our customers can enjoy photos like these xxx  Love you beautiful lady & your gorgeous handsome horsey!!!  Thank you xx

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Behind The Scenes : Jam Photography


I recently had the enjoyment of seeing a great little video created by Jam Photography.  This very upbeat short little movie showed just how much work goes on behind the scenes to create some of the wonderful photoshoots they create with kids with all sorts of wonderful themes.  Having had the priviledge of Jam Photography shooting some of our Paradise Gypsies feather headdress right back at the beginning of our very own journey, we couldn't wait to share this update to inspire you to enjoy and create with your little ones & to appreciate the real talents in the World, working hard to create their 'little bit of wonderful magic'!!  Respect & love to you Jules x


Paradise Paws


All the way from France today, we received some awesome photos to go alongside Lili's 5 star rating of our business & headdress.  We love to share our customer photos and truly love these, inspiring I think our next collection in the process.  Thank you to Lili for sharing these beautiful photos of you and Voykan... follow them on instagram @voyk_vank_ 

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