A Moveable Gypsy Abode!!


On my hunt for a fabulous Gypsy-esque abode, one of my main worries is what if I want to move?  How on earth can I chose one place, even one country to live??!!!  With this in mind, it is no wonder I am delighted to find one of the best solutions....a moveable house from Indonesia!!!  Found amongst my wanderings across Southeast Asia,  these hand built structures from wood and teak can be disassembled, moved or shipped as desired and rebuilt upon the land within the country of your choice!!!  Marvellous......note to self being - remember to include the local craftsman to come too to rebuild or strike off a couple of years of my life trying to put the thing together myself!!   We LOVE these!!!

Below are a couple that I have stayed in that were not moveable but still stunning so I thought also include them for inspiration for a build of this kind...

...with this last shot being a favourite of mine behind the scenes from the mens lookbook shoot...reminding me wherever I chose to live, it will always be better with a good view!!!

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