Inspired by....Ivan Belaustegui & Hijos del Sol


"It all started, as many things do, with a dream."  When we started to read the words from Ivan Belaustegui about his tribute to the people that inhabit the Sacred Valley of Cuzro, Peru...we knew we were sold with his opening line.  Ivan is the real deal !!  Take a look at his website HIJOS DEL SOL for some of the most wonderful photographs of the people and their land that few of us will ever be lucky enough to see.
            Original photography by Ivan Belaustegui -

Paradise Gypsies wishes Ivan all the best for his future travels and photography and we look forward to far more wonders he may show us through his camera lens.  Its only a lesson in how lucky we are to be able to travel in todays world and share as we do like this to help, support & inspire each others dreams.

Live The Dream.

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